the book

How far would you go in search of  hope?

Desperate to better understand Carla, the women Stephen loves, he plans a journey to her Cuban homeland, a trip he thinks will  bring them closer together. When his plans begin to mysteriously unravel, Stephen finds himself alone in Havana, emeshed in a haunting web of secrets, lies and betrayal that began years earlier.

Drawn to the people he is staying with, Stephen soon learns that the only thing holding the family together is hope. As their friendship and love weaves a tragic thread through the fragility of life and the cost to freedom, Stephen learns of the devastating significance in The Waterfields, a truth he must ultimately confront on his return to Carla and his London home.

An extraordinary, heart rending story of love and loss, but most of all, of the power of hope”  Vanessa O’Loughlin – Amazon top ten author

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One response to “the book

  1. It’s about time someone gave us a little more of the truth about what it’s like in Cuba – I never knew about the forty thousand! And I’ve just googled the 13th of Marzo – that bit really got to me! Very touching.

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