In Their Memory …

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Their crime was to dream of freedom.

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2 Cuban rafters die in Mexican waters

Volunteers search the Caribbean waters off Mexico for Cuban rafters whose homemade craft capsized. EFE/FileCancun, Mexico, Oct 12 (EFE).-

Two Cuban migrants were killed Friday when a homemade raft capsized near the island of Isla Mujeres in southeastern Mexico, authorities said.

Ten of those aboard the craft were rescued, but 12 others remain missing, the Mexican navy said.

The raft tipped over when heavy surf hurled it against the coral reefs that lie off Isla Mujeres’ Half-Moon Beach.

One of the fatalities was identified by the survivors as Maydelin Garcia Velez, 25. The other victim, described as a man of around 40, was known to his fellow passengers only by the nickname “Rompecalles.”

Naval units are conducting a sea, air and land search for the 12 missing rafters.

Isla Mujeres is located just off the coast of Cancun, Mexico’s leading tourist destination, which in recent years has become a hub of migrant trafficking.

Cubans undertake the dangerous sea journey to Mexico in hopes of entering the United States through Texas.

An estimated 10,000 Cuban migrants reached U.S. soil via Mexico in 2007.

The Mexican government subsequently signed an accord with Havana calling for undocumented Cuban migrants intercepted in Mexico to be repatriated to the Communist-ruled island.



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